I just wanted to take a minute to make sure we update you on a few things that are happening at church. God is doing amazing things here, and we are so blessed that everyone is a part of all that He is doing and going to do! The WOW Ladies have begun to meet, and the Men should be prepared for a small event coming in the month of December. This week is also the Fall Festival at the Smith home. We hope to see everyone there if possible to be able to laugh, fellowship, and catch up. I just also wanted to give a couple of other updates as we are really starting to roll with our ministries and to share what we are doing and what is new.
First, our Sunday School and Transformers continue to grow and we are so thankful for all of the help and prayers with this- I am enclosing the attachment of the next two weeks’ lessons for the adults if you wanted a digital copy. In case you were wondering, we are continuing to clean the rooms multiple times with MicroBan, (before and after), and it is active for 24 hours to ensure safety in each and every room. (We are also ensuring there is no wet residue so it will not have an adverse effect on the children.) The nursery continues to be staffed for Sunday School and Church and is sanitized multiple times each Sunday, and prepped Saturday night and Tuesday again for the best protection of the children. This does include our adult rooms as we try to minimize the spread of germs and viruses within the classes. (This is not something related to Covid, but should be a standard sanitization policy as we enter the cold and flu season.) It is going well and we are so thankful with your patience.
Secondly, our youth group is rolling along great and the kids have been awesome and the classes are full with the split of Middle/High School for the lessons. We have a great time, and the main focus of each lesson continues to be on the Word of God. We are working through Philippians and it has been such a wonderful start to the year. We do serve pizza and pop each week for the students to eat and drink, but also have water and propel available too. You may have heard we have instituted a reward system for those students who memorize verses, complete challenges, or bring visitors. Each time a student acquires enough ‘points’, he/she is entitled to a goodie of his/her choice. This includes any small reward that could easily, “be picked up at a gas station.” The teens seem to enjoy this reward as they get to be in charge of the reward they receive instead of just blanketly giving out random goodies each week, although I know I have been known to do that at times as well. (However, this week was the ‘Sundae Sunday’ as they completed a big challenge!) It takes numerous weeks to earn a prize, but these kids are doing such an amazing job, so that is why you may see or hear about the variety of prizes. I am just humbled and thankful by all of their work as well!
Finally, please continue to check your prayer list for any updates and continue to pray for needs including those unspoken requests. We have had so many things move to the praise side and God is so good! Even this week, we prayed for Ben who was in a motorcycle incident in Kentucky. It is just an amazing blessing to have him home already and receiving treatment in a situation that could have been much worse. The converse of that praise is that after Linda Hoezee returned home from Kentucky, she has tested positive for Covid. (This is not a privacy concern- it was asked to be shared.) She is doing well, but wanted the church to know that it was acquired in Kentucky and she was not in the proximity of anyone at church. Covid is something that is affecting all of us in one way or another, but we keep praying for those who have received positive tests or those around others who are positive. Our prayer is, has been, and will be, for this to be eradicated and for God to use this in a way to truly create Revival!
One other note of praise to add. Neal Schipper is turning 90 on October 24 and the family is having people send him a birthday card (if they want to.)
If you would like to
Neal Schipper
C/O Alice Cumberworth
4010 Patti road
Dorr, Mi. 49323
Thank you again for being the best church in the world. We truly are so blessed and love all of you!! If you have any questions, concerns, or needs, please reach out anytime. God bless!
Yours In Christ,
Pastor Lance
(Gal. 2:20)
Woodward Baptist Church
2160 76th St SW, Byron Center, MI 49315