To Our Woodward Family, 
I just wanted to send an update again of our plans for this week with everything going on. With each week, we continue to encounter new challenges and issues around us and each one we try to take with a plan that is above reproach, transparent, and focused on safety of our families and a reliance of His Word. 
After hearing about an outbreak up north and other hot spots that have popped up, this week you may have heard the news about Camp Michiwana- our hearts continue to go out to the camps, the families affected, and all of the individuals that are dealing with this unfortunate circumstance.  Things like this are still going to happen, and we are still doing our best to minimize not only exposure, but risks that are unnecessary and following a steadfast procedure.  For our teens this week, this meant actually postponing our event in the exercise of caution to be safe from those that attended camp, and this also included some that were present even for singing for a short duration over the weekend. (Which included some of my own family.)
Please know our goal is to do our best to continue to be as clear as possible with everything, and make decisions based on prayer, His Word, and the information that is readily available.  We understand His Words in 2 Timothy that state, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  Please also know we take these decisions very seriously and love each of you so much as family. 
So here is the plan for this week- We are planning on still having communion this week, with grape juice that is sent sealed individually and with the cracker closed in plastic as well. As we get closer to our return to normalization, we will continue our Sunday School program in the same manner as last week with a great turnout. (Depending on the classroom sizes square footage, we will try to limit the amount of individuals in the rooms to adhere to recommendations in place. Most classes will range with space from 12-20 depending on families.  I, with help, will begin the Sunday School for the children (Grades K-6) in the sanctuary so the kids can have space to move (and be separated at the same time.) Our message in the morning will be from John 11 and titled, “When you’re thinking more about the thorns, than you are the Rose,” and our evening will be, “Recognition for Revival,” from Exodus and whether you are in person at the service, or watching online, we hope to worship together and will continue to follow through in the safety procedures we have in place.   
We were really hoping to have a VBS this year and have put together a pretty cool curriculum, but to be honest, starting this late in the game recruiting volunteers and finishing materials is not going to be a viable option and that does not include the restrictions that continue to be imposed on churches and other locales.  I LOVE running VBS, but this will have to be the first year we miss and maybe do some mini VBS over Christmas Break or something similar. 
Through all of this, we continue to see how Great our God is and so many ways He is answering prayer, so please continue to check your prayer list as well. I hope everyone knows how much we love and appreciate all of you and know that if you need anything, please do not hesitate to email or call at anytime.  May God bless each of you, and hoping to see you this Sunday in one way or the other!
Yours In Christ, 

Pastor Lance C. Laker
(Gal. 2:20)