To Our Beloved Woodward Baptist Church Family, Friends, and Community,

May 30th, 2020


To Our Beloved Woodward Baptist Church Family, Friends, and Community,

I am writing once again to give you the usual update of things going on. I am trying to keep it short, but much of the information is the same as the last couple of weeks and I want to make sure we cover everything as we have it.  For those who were not able to see this week’s service, here it is on YouTube to visit, share, and watch: 

“Who the Son sets free, is FREE INDEED!” | May 24, 2020 Woodward Baptist Church


This week, we will be adding another phase to our services. We will be adding our evening service at the usual time of 5:30. The evening service will be from 1 and 2 Timothy and focusing on the appearance of difficulty and fear through the Light of His Glory and Grace. I hope it will be an encouragement, and in the morning, we will continue our verse by verse walk through John.   Please continue to check your prayer list as there are many things to pray about it, and for those looking to share the Gospel in these times with friends and family, I was reminded again that for some who may be hesitant to accept the invitation to attend a church at this time, inviting them to watch online to see what we are all about and to hear the Gospel might be a great first step in the witnessing process. We want everyone to continue to see that we are seeking Him, praising Him, and praying for revival and I continue to be excited by all God is doing!   We will once again be live in the morning at 10:45 in church and online and welcome you to fellowship with us in either fashion you feel led by Him.  We are continuing to do everything lawfully and are also still trying to be obedient to recommendations about social distancing and other precautions. More churches are following many of the same actions and plans we are, and we continue to be in touch with most of the church leadership in the community to be on the same page.  Thank you again for being such a blessing again in so many ways, and know how much we love each and every one of you so much!


Our General Reminders with Youth Group Meeting stuff at the end:

-This is ONCE AGAIN A REMINDER; we are in no way trying to guilt anyone into coming.  For those who are more at risk, or have multiple risk factors, or are not comfortable at the current time, for your safety, please also stay home at this time. IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OF ANY KIND, PLEASE REMAIN AT HOME. This is one of the reasons we have the online platform from now on- so you can share or worship in safety. 

-Attendees are welcome to wear masks for their own protection or concerns

-For those that do attend, please know that we will follow the recommendations of social distancing within the sanctuary and narthex of the church. As you head into the church, you will notice that every other pew is blocked off with string to help maintain the proper social distancing guidelines as well as string to easily enter and exit church with minimal interaction to protect everyone.

-We will be constantly sanitizing the doors and the common areas of church to stop the spread of germs, and are adding Microban to the use on the doors and common areas.

-We will NOT have Nursery or Children’s Church available during the services.  We apologize for this inconvenience, but if we are trying to be respectful and protect those the most at risk, or minimize exposure risks, and keeping kids ‘socially distanced’ is nearly impossible!

-Please pray for us in these next steps. Over the past few weeks, we have had many visitors come to attend as well, including a couple of just amazing stories of God at work.  We want to remain to be open, and be faithful over fearful, but also responsible in these unprecedented times. 

– For our other services, the same plan as the previous weeks is in place in that we will not have Sunday School yet or Glow/AWANA. A final continued reminder is that there will be audio and video on the website following the service, and/or if you would prefer even to have a CD of the audio, we can mail that out or deliver that as well.  (Here is the Facebook link:, and here is the website if you did not have it: Woodward Baptist Church –


TEENS:  We will once again have one large group for our Zoom Youth Group (SWAG412). It will be at 8:15 p.m. and we encourage all of the teens to attend as a large group check in. (Siblings can be on one device.) It is dress in your favorite hat night, so the most creative will receive a prize. Students who participated last week should received their prizes. Students are asked to read 2 Timothy 1:7 and Galatians 5:16-26.  and be ready to discuss our role with the great commission.  At times like this, we really want to continue to focus on ways to defend and grow in our faith.   Please, please, try to make it a point to be there if possible.  I tried to make it as late as possible to allow everyone to finish whatever they wanted to do. 

Please, PLEASE, know that again, if you need anything, whether it is groceries, a meal, or have any other type of physical, emotional, or spiritual need, please know that I am available, your deacons are available, and you are not alone.  We love all of you so much, and continue to pray for each and every one of you!  God bless!


Yours in His Service,



Pastor Lance C. Laker (Gal. 2:20)

(Senior Pastor, Woodward Baptist Church)



“I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God!” –John

May 31, 2020


I. A reminder that not all ________ lead to ________ 

Our One-Way Path Indication: There were many, (and still are), that can confuse religious ________ with the ________ of the Savior.  It is all ________ without knowing the ________ Gift of the ________ – Which family do you belong to today?


II. A reflection of the Loving ________ of the ________ … 

Our Observation Contemplation: As we ________ our own lives, can it be said that we ________ His Love in our ________ and ________ ? Do we ________ Him, ________ Him, and ________ His Great Love to others? 


III. Even years ago, the ________ of the King brought ________ 

Our Life-Giving Promise:  Yet, even though others hurl ________  , He brings ________ ! Jesus tears the veil to demonstrate where ________ truly comes- In Him was (and is) ________ !


“Who the Son sets free is free indeed, I’m a Child of God, yes I am!”



“Difficulty and Fear in the Light of His Glory and Grace!”

May 31, 2020


I. Amidst _______, concern, and _______there is hope…


II. Focusing on the grip of _______or His Grip of _______… 


III. The _______to defeat the _______of _______and every day!


 “Word of God speak, would you pour down like rain?” (MercyMe)