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Missionaries We Support



Chris and Amber Knobloch Family

Serving Southwest Michigan


God’s Helping Hands Website


Tim and Rebekah Cornish Family


Serving with RBM Ministries in Allegan, Michigan


Andy and Priscilla DVarga Family

Serving in San Pedro, Ecuador


2 Seconds Or Less


The Hazard Family

Ian, Jeff, Megan, Joyellen and Lyndsey

Serving at Rift Academy Kenya, Africa

AIM LogoAIM International Website


Jim and Denise Arnold

Serving With International Gospel Missions
Focused and Faith Missions


Jerry and Andrea Martin

Serving Across The USA With
Cowboy Connections Ministries

Pastor Vijay, Eunice, Timothy and Eva

           The Helmholt 
            Serving In  Bonaire
                     With TWR